About us


Skills and values


Our team of construction economists, project managers and site supervisors strive to study, optimize, plan and manage the technical and financial aspects of all construction and renovation projects.

General Management

Ricardo Santos and Loïc Scalet have shared their common passion for real estate for many years as well as for construction and renovation projects, both simple and complex.

With their experience in civil engineering, architecture and real estate development, both are constantly looking for new building challenges.

Dynamic and involved, they wish to instill an innovative and enthusiastic spirit within the Orion General Enterprise teams, in order to make each project unique and to create a positive experience for each client

Financial Management

In order to guarantee the financial health of each project, it ensures, together with the project managers and construction economists, that the costing, general estimates and financial oversight are competitive, realistic and maintained over time.

In constant exchange with the people in charge of each project, the financial department is responsible for monitoring the company's finances and more specifically each project entrusted.

Study and execution management

From the very early stages of planning to the necessary discipline for the implementation, the "study and execution" department supervises all the projects piloted by the project managers at the technical and operational levels.

In collaboration with the teams dedicated to the construction site, it constantly discusses, optimizes and solves the various aspects of the projects entrusted to it.

Construction economists

Our construction economists are involved in all stages of project evaluation. They work closely with project managers and the various professions and tariffs in place to predict costs, determine the best offers and assess the risks.

Project managers

In charge of planning, execution and supervision, project managers are the people responsible for ensuring that each member of the team can do their job effectively. They are, in a way, the backbone of the team and the project.


On each site, the foremen supervise all aspects of its development. They play the role of an orchestra conductor from the early planning stages through the construction, reception and operative phases of a building.

Project assistants

In charge of administrative support for the project managers, the assistants also draft the various contracts inherent to the project and the related agreements.

They are in charge of preparing invoices, sending them and following up on the deadlines in continuous contact with the project managers.

Client advisors

Every project is unique. Each client must be accompanied individually in his choices of : materials, equipment, finishes.

Once the choices have been made, the consultant is responsible for ordering the materials and equipment and for the follow up on the orders.

To do this, Orion's consultants are available to the client and accompany him at every step. Their mission is to guarantee the result as close as possible to what the client had planned for his future home.