Orion EG, specialist in construction sites with high organizational complexity

Organizational complexity: an Orion specialty

Orion, with its 21 specialized employees, offers a unique range of skills.

From the initial assessment to the delivery, we manage each phase of a project in a precise, optimized and centralized manner. Our involvement and our agility guarantee a high quality result, whatever the size and complexity of your project.

We specialize in projects with high organizational complexity:

  • Occupancy during the work
  • Strict time frame
  • Meticulous planning and coordination of interventions by different professionals

We adapt to your specific constraints and buildings such as care facilities, restaurants, training facilities

Picture during the renovation of the St Georges International School boarding school

Founded in 1927, St Georges International School in Montreux is recognized as an exceptional school. The proof is in the results of the school in 2022: 100% success in the International Baccalaureate with almost half of the students (48%) having obtained more than 38 points!

In addition to academic excellence, the school offers its students numerous extracurricular activities in the fields of art, dance, theater, music, sports, computers, foreign languages, etc.

Naturally oriented towards excellence, the school expects the same high standards from its external service providers. It is with this in mind that Orion has been entrusted with the renovation of the boarding school in 2021.

The challenge: a major renovation project with high organizational complexity

The project included the renovation of 58 rooms in the boarding school, the creation of about 30 bathrooms and the renovation of the common areas.

It required thorough and proactive planning, as obviously there was no question of shutting down the institution. The interplay between the construction work and the daily life at the school required great agility in planning all the interventions in phases. These were paced following strict deadlines, having scheduled the rooms’ occupancy according to the students’ needs and to the different school entries during the year, offering very precise work slots, during which a high level of involvement and a very limited time frame was imposed on the different professionals.

The entire project was completed in record time. Hence the very precise planning and meticulous follow-up.

Another condition has “guided” our planning: the noise and disturbances of the construction work was to be contained during school hours!

During these works, Orion orchestrated continuous intervention and commissioning phases, in order to achieve a very high standard of finishing, while minimizing nuisances.

Each construction site is complex and unique. On each of them, Orion applies its technical, organizational and financial expertise in an optimized fashion according to the size and the complexity of the site. Lastly, these challenges stimulate our teams. And in the wake of the first phase of the project, Luxe Digital ranked St Georges International School as one of the 15 best boarding schools in the world!