A residential project to renovate an exclusive village house, which started in 2022.

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A residential project to renovate an exclusive village house, which started in 2022.

Type: General contracting
Architect: AS Architect
Date: 2022-2023

Details of the project:

  • We can safely say that the renovation of this private villa with its traditional architecture was a major undertaking. A major renovation project includes: raising the building (and therefore modifying the structure)
  • a complete redistribution of the rooms in the house,
  • the significant increase in the building’s size and interior volumes,
  • the creation of new rooms and adjoining bathrooms,
  • the renovation of the shell and all the technical lots, including the addition of geothermal energy, electricity, sanitary installations, floor heating…
  • the replacement of all the windows to gain in luminosity and insulation,
  • and finally, the improvement of the overall energy efficiency of the building.

The intervention of all the various professionals required rigorous planning and meticulous monitoring of this site with its many constraints. The initial specifications defined by the client included a high degree of finishing and materials as natural as possible (stone, wood…), to fit perfectly into this architecturally preserved village and its beautiful surrounding nature.

The external constraints did not facilitate the management of the site due to the slope of the land on the lake side, making the access difficult for the geothermal work. Moreover, the transport of the structural materials was very complicated, due to the difficult access for the trucks in the alleys of the village.

As for the internal constraints of the building, it was necessary to reinforce the initial foundations that were too weak to support the weight of the new stonework and the elevated structure.

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